It’s Spring!

I have to say, that after what seemed like a very long, very cold and all around difficult winter, I am beyond excited for Springtime in Kansas City. I’ve been getting things ready for the warmer weather–purging old clutter, removing obstacles both physically and spiritually to make room for the new growth that Springtime brings and getting out to explore the city as it comes to life again.

Springtime in Kansas City.

Another way I am honoring and creating space for growth and renewal within myself is by taking a moment to reconnect and get back into my exercise routine.  The winter treated me pretty well overall–I got to run the PsychoWyco (lemme tell you about that sometime!) and connected with a personal trainer, but I can definitely tell that the long nights, lack of sunlight and cold have taken their toll on me.


Like anything trying to grow, however, I am trying to remind myself that it’s going to take a little bit of time for the habits that I took for granted last year to become fully realized in this moment. It’s a little hokey, but I can relate in some ways to the sprouting flowers and the beginnings of blossoms I see on the trees around here–we all know that they will become, but it’s a process to get there.




People talk a lot about New Year’s Resolutions and what they are going to accomplish–I have started taking a different approach.  I am making seasonal resolutions–trying to focus my time and energy on things that are appropriate for the season. I have found that when I go with the seasons and stop trying to fight the natural world’s rhythm, things fall into place.  For example, Winter is a time to reflect, draw inward, nest, build and support a home structure–it is also a time to work on warming the body from the inside through powerful, earthy Yoga sequences or brisk, winter-time activity fun such as skiing or snowshoeing which use deep core muscles and groups.   Winter is also a reminder that simple can be the most beautiful–taking in a landscape that is essentially devoid of color and seeing the beauty in it can be as therapeutic as meditating.




So, now that it’s Spring, I’m moving out of hibernation as it were and into the routine of active growth, self-exploration and moving meditations. I am also figuring out ways to bring the elements of the budding world around me into the home–fresh flowers, small changes in color schemes and fresh, seasonal foods are all working their way into my daily life.


It’s not easy in the world we live in to stay mindful of the natural flow of the earth and the environment–we have every device and technological advance available to make nature more of an accessory than a guide.  But, I believe that allowing the seasons to influence us on a deeper, more involved level can lead to a sense of purpose and happiness.


So, get out there and start enjoying Spring and all the months of growth and warmth to come!


If you’re looking for more great tips on how to bring seasonal rhythm into your life, check out this article from Yoga Journal!




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