WordPress snow and longing for some deep winter

WordPress has some fancy footwork in play (hooray HTML5), which makes the screen appear to be snowing. It’s making me long for some real-life snow of our own. People can argue for or against Global Warming all they want, but the reality is, we’re living in different times than we used to and it’s really scary. The Yoga I practice tells me that I should accept change as it comes, breathing in and out all the same, accepting the day-to-day fluctuations. But the idea of rapid, major Global change is terrifying to me. It’s overwhelming and it makes me want to get out there and do something about it–and then reminds me how small of a blip on the map I really am.  It’s very humbling to look at and process the numbers of people on this planet and the rates at which we consume every single day. And those of us who recycle and make or grow our own foods and drive less, walk more, ride bikes, whatever it is, aren’t even making a dent in the overall population.  We aren’t putting the atmosphere back together every time we make a good decision and ride a bike instead of driving our cars.  We are accomplishing lots of other wonderful things but it’s not like we can simply undo what we’ve done already.

I don’t mean to sound pessimistic but it’s something that I think about, a lot.

I don’t like talking about my fears like this and I don’t like being controlled by them, but I’ve also learned the value of expressing those emotions and feelings which threaten to consume me.  And so, there it is. I am afraid of Global Warming and of not having any power to stop it.



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