So it’s been a while. Hopefully all can be forgiven.

I think I’m talking mostly to myself in that title but ya know, whatever.  It’s been an awesome, busy, ridiculous and stressful month of July and as it came to a close on the 31st, I can’t say that I was sorry to see it go.  First and foremost, this blog is supposed to be about the random awesome that can be found in Kansas City. SO, for all of you who don’t know, we just wrapped our 8th annual KC Fringe Festival and by god was it awesome or what.  457 shows, 30 visual artists, a mobile Art Truck (Yes, the one from the pictures I posted earlier in the season! Wait til you see it now!), amazing, amazing volunteers and good friends.  It’s a force to be reckoned with.  </soapbox>  Go check out our webpage if you haven’t before and if you’re in town next year, check us out.  We’d love to have you!


This blog is not just focused on Kansas City, however.  It’s also focused on the growth that I have experienced and continue to experience during my time here.  Maybe it’s narcissistic.  Maybe I don’t care.  Ha.  Ego.  Take that.


We recently went to Colorado and it was a strange but great trip overall.  I did all the requisite revisiting of places and spent time in the mountains.  I even showed off my new job skills by working from Golden while sipping a mocha in the beautifully cool air.  We mountain biked, we indulged, we fell down mountains and got really sunburned and had to reorganize our trip a bit to accommodate for said blunders….and yet it left with a really strange sense of uncovering something that I had left deeply buried.  I still can’t wrap my mind around it really but I feel like something has been opened up, uncovered, exposed perhaps.  I don’t know.  It’s not that I want to move back to CO just yet, I’m not ready for that for all sorts of reasons.  But I also don’t want to sit in KC the rest of my life.  It’s a strange place to be in;  on one hand I’m involved in and making a difference in some really awesome things in Kansas City–experiences that I don’t feel would be as readily available in other cities, especially one as competitive as Denver–and yet, I know this isn’t where I’m going to end up.  I want to go to grad school, I want to continue to travel, I want to experience living with new horizon lines and an ocean–or maybe different mountains–or both.  I say it’s a strange place to be because it’s not exactly wanderlust I’m feeling–at least that I know what to do with.  I’ve spent most of my life wanting to be somewhere else.  This “exposing” of whatever it is that is driving this shift in perception comes at a time when I thought I was getting better at living in the present.  Perhaps I am.  Perhaps that’s why I am not experience true wanderlust and instead something that is quieter–different.  


I don’t know.


I have been trying a new yoga class the past few weeks–I’m still going to see Bernie of course–but I added a Kria Yoga class to my regime.  I was really, really skeptical at first.  Me?  Use props?  My inner Ego just about threw a fit.  I had always and incorrectly perceived that props were for people who couldn’t just touch their damn toes.  I’m wrong.  I knew I was wrong but now I really know it.  We did a supported chest opener that was practically religious.  It was amazing.  We don’t cover as much ground in this new class but the ground we do cover is very thoroughly done.  I appreciate the slower pace and the focus and attention given to some of the more forgotten parts of the Yogic body.  And, the teacher comes around and gives scalp massages.  It really doesn’t get any better than that!


More on all of this later–definitely needed to jump back into the Blogging Waters though! 






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