Mmmm Tasty TED Talks. (c:


I have quite a lot I want to write about but it’s taking some time to percolate and form itself in my mind.  So, I’m waiting.  I’m trying not to procrastinate–sometimes these blog posts are difficult for me and I don’t know why.  I feel like I’m trying to saysomething but I can’t quite get to heart of it.  I have missed my blogging, however, and it’s time to get back on the saddle.

It has been a very crazy transitional period for me the past month or so and as the dust begins to settle I can see that it’s been a very good thing.  Prana is in everything and we need to stir it up sometimes!


I just returned from a trip to Colorado where we went mountain biking and visited some old and new haunts–wonderful trip filled with all of the requisite “Summer Things”:  Lots of playing outside from dusk ’til dawn, delicious iced coffees sipped from verandas with mountain views, sun-soaked skin and a dose of adventure and pure Nature.  I have much more to say and some stories to tell but I don’t think now is quite the time.  So, instead, go enjoy the TED talk on creativity and the roles and destruction of “Genius” from Elizabeth Gilbert and I’ll be back shortly with some musings.




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