Way too much excitement! (c:

So, I just found out that this is happening close enough to me to make it almost unbearable to miss: https://jackrabbit.webconnex.com/jurek  

Grrr!  I am a newbie to the barefoot running phenomenon and have only done one 5k but Scott Jurek is a total idol of mine…as is Christopher McDougall–Scott Jurek shows me the outside limits of human awesomeness–and Chris McDougall shows what is possible if you start out as someone who wants to run but keeps getting told either that you’re “not built for it” or that you’re “too injured” or that “running is just hard on the body” or all three and says to hell with all of it–and then scampers off to (casually enough) the Copper Canyons to learn how running is SUPPOSED to be done. Through first hand experience running with the late Caballo Blanco and the Tarahumara indians, he learned how to rebuild his body and mind.  It’s just another example of how age, upbringing, culture, etc. all have truly nothing to do with what we can accomplish.  Most people like to rely on the excuse that society provides, nay, tell us is true “oh, you’re too old to start something new.”  “Youth is the only valuable attribute anyone has, better use it while we can.”  Even that annoying John Mellencamp song sings about how you’re supposed to hold on to 16 as long as you can…but here is a tribe of people and a group of athletes who have taken all of the cliches and accepted truths and shot holes clear through them.  All while running around the country like a bunch of happy-go-lucky whackjobs with big smiles on their faces.


Something tells me they are on to something.  The joie de vivre.  The rasion d’etre.  The joy of life.  So, maybe it’s not running (though I challenge anyone to read “Born to Run” and not want to go for even the tiniest jog around the block) but it is something. There is something in your life, in my life, in the cosmic world that drives us to push ourselves, motivate ourselves and come fully into our own beings.  So, what is it for you?

I’ll be sad to miss the event but I’m hoping I’ll get another chance to meet and run with them someday.



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