Meditation: Day 1…

Ya know, when I set out to do something like this challenge, you’d think I pick any day but my job’s version of a party-Campus Craze.  Hehe.  I’m scampering around trying to find a time to meditate and be still and there’s swing dancing and giveaways and locally grown flowers and….free snowcones(!!) for 4 hour s straight.  What’s a girl to do?

So, while I did get up this morning and take my time getting ready and prepared for the day, I have not actually been able to stop and sit just yet.  But, the day is young and eventually the snow cone truck and swing band will leave and things will calm down around here.  I’m keeping my sights on this afternoon and will report back.

And now…more snow cones.  Or maybe a pretzel…both?


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