Oops-where did my Monday go?

I seem to have lost a day this week without really realizing it.  Ahem.  We’re back on track now, folks.

As most of us know from the last post, things are heating up around here.  Which sounds like a great time to really dig deep and focus on staying centered.  Except, that is the exact opposite of how my brain is wired.  So, I end up getting caught up in all of the energy and whirlwind and I start sacrificing those precious moments of quiet and reflection that I have been trying to cultivate.

Not that the whirlwind energy doesn’t come with it’s own rewards-I feed off of ambient “busy-ness” so sometimes it’s really positive and nourishing for me to be immersed in the crazy busy of it all.  That being said, even I need down time.  More than can be offered by the scooter-ride home or the morning shower.  So, seeing as it’s May 1st and Spring is upon us and this is my personal calm before the storm, I’m going to try a little experiment.  Something to hold me accountable for me.  I am going to try, for 7 days straight, to partake in 15-30 minutes of meditation a day.  I’ve fallen off track and sitting regularly has always been hard for me, hopefully knowing that I’ve put this goal out into a quite public Universe will help motivate me when it would be easy to say “I just don’t have time”.  Someone paraphrased a great quote the other  day.  It simply stated “if you don’t have time for yourself, you don’t have time for anything”.   This is true-I’m relying on my body and mind to carry me through, to be creative, to be alert and present, to be there for the people I love and for those who love me.  If I don’t make the time to sit down and take care of my spirit I’m doing more than just cheating on the test, so to speak.

Setting my soapbox aside, I’ll finish up with this: Intellectually understanding that you are a creature that needs to slow down, take a moment and really be indulgent in the silence, is great.  It doesn’t always equal butt-on-mat, however.  So, let my self-imposed 7 day challenge begin today.

For those of you want to join in on some of the fun, I’ll leave you all with this beautiful version of the Gayatri Mantra by Deva Premal.  It’s been one that been getting stuck in my head lately (thanks to my wonderful Yoga teacher and his impeccable music taste) and it might be a good place to start.



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