Random Happenings

This is going to be a busy weekend in Kansas City and for me!  The AIDswalk is happening on Saturday morning, then the awesome Food Truck Festival is happening that night.

I am signed up(mentally) for another 5k which is coming up on May 5th.  It’s going to be out in Lawrence at Clinton Lake. It’s a great trail run that I was sorry to miss last year and plan to “conquer” (as in, not fall over dead) this year.  I’m starting to get excited about it–what that means for this weekend, however is training.  I can’t fall off of the bandwagon just yet.  Tempting as it may be.

I am also planning a big “me time” studio night–it’s part of my resolution to have new work up and ready for that June 2nd gig I mentioned.  Not to mention the fact that I’ve got some serious energy blocked up internally and it is starting to get impatient.

That brings us to Sunday, which is yoga and recovering from all the crazy of Friday and Saturday and then, here we go, it’s Monday again.

Oh boy.  Ever feel like you need a personal assistant?  So, top of the list:

Get out and run

Get back inside and make some art

Eat some tasty Food Truck Festival goodies

Get my yoga on

It’s moments/times/life cycles like these that make me very glad to be alive and engaged in my community.  They also play into one of my biggest personality… idiosyncrasies…I crave and surround myself with things that  take and give a lot of energy but I’m not very good at keeping the balance always.  I end up having this crazy web of energy around me that is not always very productive or nourishing.  It’s not always a negative thing but it makes me feel all sorts of flighty and ungrounded.


So-how do you all keep yourselves connected and in-tact when life throws everything from responsibilities to opportunities at you all at once?




2 thoughts on “Random Happenings

  1. I honestly take a walk and just think about things. Sort them out a bit in my head and it usually works.

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