“Deep breath in, everything, everything..all those emails and crap and stuff you have to do for the week…”

and let it all go…whoosh.

I need to do this more often in my life. (c:

This is how my yoga teacher ends our classes-after Savasana of course.  We sit up, take some deep breaths to finish centering ourselves after what is usually a really intense practice and then, he has us pull all of the junk that we have to do, think about, react to, etc. in and let it all out.  We follow it up with an Om or two and he sends us out into the world.  He does remind us that we carry peace within us at all times and that it’s right there, waiting for us to access it, but I have a hard time remember thing when things get crazy.

Things get crazy a lot with me I think.  On one hand, I welcome it because I really value feeling connected and included in things.  I try to balance this by reminding myself that I don’t have to be so  connected and included that I lose track of my connection to myself.  It’s hard sometimes.

All of this is rattling around in my brain right now because in June I have an upcoming gallery show.  I want to have new work.  Nay, I need  to have new work.  Here’s the catch-things are starting to get busy with my extra curricular activities-namely the KC Fringe Festival is getting ready to heat up and “me time” is going to become scarce.  We’re also gearing up for extended hours at work.

If I want to reach my goal of having some new work to show at this awesome event on June 2nd, I need to get very strict about my boundaries and what it means to to me to make and create time and space for my making and creating.  Funny how that works–it’s an interesting tidbit that before I can “make art” I have to “make time”.  It seems there will be a lot of fabricating going on!

There is so much more involved for me than just finding the time to sit down and create.  I have to shut my brain off and really sink into my world.  I have to be still long enough to be “bored”.  I need to be quiet so I can let some of the noise escape and mentally exhale all of the crap that I’m supposed to do or should be doing or need to do and make some room for my Inspiration to come through.

It makes me wish Muses were real, living people.  Sometimes they are but it’s always for such fleeting moments.

Anyway-that’s all for now really.  I had a wonderful weekend filled with 5k’s and awesome community projects and good people and pizza and beer and yoga….let’s see if we can’t carry some of that momentum through my week!

Here I come!


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