Striking women in silly floral outfits

This is going to be quick and dirty but I want to take a moment to try to explain what I saw on my bike ride home the other day…and maybe figure out what it was that struck me so about it.

Let me preface this by saying that memories and I have a strange relationship.  More on this to come.

So, I’m riding home from work the other day and I am cutting through on this paved trail thing.  There is this woman standing absolutely stock still wearing an absolutely ridiculous floral outfit…it’s black, over-sized, sort of looks like pajamas.  She has this intense red hair and something about the way she’s back lit by the evening sky, she appears to be glowing.  And also sort of Zombie-esque.  It doesn’t help that she has little dog with her who also seems to be frozen perfectly still, engrossed in his or her sniffing.  It was crazy.  I nearly missed my turn and took a tumbling dump off of my bike.

Weird.  Both visually and mentally.

It reminded of one of my favorite things to think/talk about which is memories and how they work and perception.  The image that I have so fervently burned into my brain (for whatever reason) is probably quite different than what I actually saw.  Which is fascinating and also sort of surreal.  I know what I saw but do I really know what I saw….maybe, maybe not.  I tried to capture this crazy play of light and memory and vivid, vivid color the other night in the studio but the results left me wanting.  

Like I said, short and sweet.  I still don’t quite understand why it made such an impression on me.  Perhaps it’s just the magic of twilight and why it’s called The Witching Hour.  It does seem to add a certain depth and value to everything–maybe I was just caught up in that night’s particular spell.



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