Straight out of the studio…

Here’s one of the new-ish collage, sketch-up pieces I’ve been working on.  I find them a lot of fun to make and very meditative.  They allow me to sit down and play with colors, backgrounds, line quality, paper types, etc.

pen, ink, marker, watercolor paper, collage

I like the energy and playfulness that these pieces have–I find that it can be an elusive trait in some of my work!  Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not.

The original plan has always been to take these collages that I make and use them as a jumping off point for bigger versions of themselves-the question is, do I want them to stay collages in their larger form or should I approach them more traditionally or, just go nuts and do something crazy with them…I don’t know just yet.

I know that I want them to retain the spirit of play and the energy that they have-another looming question then becomes what element of the work is providing that?  Is it the method of creating, the creator/artist, or the materials?  Perhaps it’s a combination of all it–where does that leave me?

All very interesting thoughts!  Hopefully after some time, meditation, walks, yoga and searching I”ll come up with an answer!

Thoughts?  What drives the energy that certain artistic pieces of art carry?  Should I let these little “thought vignettes” live as they are or use them as a blueprint for something bigger? 


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