Anyone else convinced their mat talks to them?

So, I don’t think I’m legitimately hearing voices but it is astounding what things come to me while I’m laying on my mat after a good or even mediocre practice.  As I inhale and breath deeply and try to sink into my mat in Savasana, there is this moment when ideas and thoughts and exhaustion and love and a bit of the cosmic Everything comes rushing in.  I can hear it, this rush of thoughts, as I lay on my mat.  I don’t know if it’s from stirring up all the mojo and energy or if it’s because it’s one of the few moments in my life when I’m fully still, but it’s one of my favorite times.  And it happens randomly, it seems.  Some days, there’s nothing, which is also nice and not as scary as it sounds.  Other days, however, are not to be ignored.

These strange moments on my mat are not quite the same as the Monkey-Mind day-to-day babble that I usually put up with.  It’s…different.  I don’t know quite how to explain it other than to say it is one of the most valuable insights into my inspiration and creativity and psyche that I have.  I wish I could figure out how coax it out of myself more often but perhaps that would be missing the point.



2 thoughts on “Anyone else convinced their mat talks to them?

  1. ahimsamaven says:

    I used to think it was my mat – now I know that it’s the deeper parts of my body that I don’t have the chance to converse with on a daily basis.

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