Quick thoughts on Inspiration

What a beautiful morning!  It’s a little bit chilly, quite a bit rainy and the light is very eerie and soft.  This sort of weather motivates me to do one of two things:  Curl up with a cup of taaaasty coffee and watch it rain or, Make a beeline for my studio to listen to it rain and reconnect with my creative mind.

I was hoping to spend some time in the studio last night but with such an early Friday morning looming (5am!) I decided that sleep was a better option.  That means that tonight, I am going straight after work and I am hopefully going to get settled into the groove of making and thinking and doing that I have been craving.

I did get the chance last night to start myself down the right mental path by taking a damp, chilly but beautiful walk around the city.  I found some cool found objects that I’m going to bring with me tonight, including what I lovingly call “another stupid fuckin’ stick.”  It’s been a running joke between the boy and I for a while now and it makes me grin every time.  It all stems (pardon the pun) from my penchant for interesting looking broken twigs that I find laying around the ground or in the grass.  I want to incorporate them into my fiber pieces and am really excited about the synergy that can happen.

I may be the only one with this vision for now but I’m ok with that–I have a show coming up in June that I am really looking forward to and I’m hoping to have some of my new work ready to go.  I’ll keep you all posted as things progress!

Is there a type of weather or a time of year that really lights your creative mind on fire?  What are some of your favorite ways to dig deep and kindle your artistic spirit?  Do tell!


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